At SourceSelect our guarantee is that all customer needs are met effectively and efficiently. Across the gamut of industries, SourceSelect is a tried and true Supply Chain and Fulfillment Business with the customers business at heart. Our more recent success stories include customers such as Pebble, Swivl, Lumo BodyTech, Lockitron, Sparse, Sifteo, Rullingnet, Punch Through, Rumpl and Zubits. Read what our customers have to say…



Robert Burkhardt | Chief Operating Officer


“Our management was very pleased with the services offered by SourceSelect, in fulfilling all our needs including assembly, packaging and processing. They serviced all orders both domestically and internationally in a timely manner and we were particularly impressed by their flexibility and responsiveness.”


Jeffrey Page | VP Finance and Operations


“Ever since SourceSelect has started warehousing and managing our inventory, our inventory losses and adjustments are almost zero today. They have tracked the movement of products and kept record of all transactions for us which has helped us with A/R.”




Jeffrey E. Hoyle | Global Fulfillment Manager


“Over the course of our business relationship Source Select’s performance was flawless; we received absolutely no customer complaints related to shipping quality or on time delivery.”


Read how SourceSelect helped a company in the electronic product manufacturing industry to reduce its production costs, improve its product quality and effectively use its resources.
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Brian Peterson | Director of Procuremen


“SourceSelect, Inc has been a supply chain partner of 3PAR since November of 2004 offering value added third party logistics services. SourceSelect has beaten our expectations on product delivery schedules time and again.”


Discover how 3PAR leveraged SourceSelect to streamline software releases, reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction all while growing five-fold over the last four years.
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