Executive Team



Mahaveer Jain | President & CEO


Mahaveer Jain has been instrumental in shaping SourceSelect’s vision for over fifteen years now. He brings with him a thorough understanding of Supply Chain Management and has built this business organically with a simple philosophy of creating Win/Win partnerships with its customers. Prior to this, Mahaveer co-founded Spherelink Communications which brought one of the first universal messaging servers to market in 1997. The company was acquired by Conversay which is using the technology in its speech recognition systems today.


Paul D’Souza | Advisory Member


Paul is an expert in business strategy, organization structure and revenue generation. He has played several leadership roles in organizations from Channel and Partner Management to Vice President of Sales and Marketing as well as that of CEO. Paul has more than 18 years of experience in Revenue Generation across several verticals. His career has included selling multi-million dollar IT software and services projects in the pharmaceutical, financial and manufacturing industries, as well as being a go-to executive that has helped businesses in various industries grow as much as sixty percent in 18 months. Paul also serves on the advisory boards of multiple companies.



W. Patrick Kelley, Sr. | Secretary


Pat Kelley has practiced law in the Mid-Peninsula of San Francisco Bay Area since 1983. His areas of practice include business formation, securities, venture capital and business litigation. He is counsel to a wide range of technology companies from video game developers to companies involved in weather satellite data processing, environmental monitoring, and homeland defense. Pat has also been a volunteer to and board member of many nonprofit organizations.


Operations team


SourceSelect deploys best human capital management practices relevant to its scale and nature of operations to acquire, retain and grow talents as necessary ensuring extension of best in competition services in the industry. We are a small team with big aptitudes to make every thing happen which can help you grow your business.