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SourceSelect is one of the premier 3PL solution providers serving the Silicon Valley for more than 20 years. Let SourceSelect create and/or provide the Supply Chain Infrastructure that will allow you to scale as you grow with no capital spending.

Our Global Services

SourceSelect, your "ONE Stop Shop" to take your products to market

Logistics Solutions

Through our extensive network of warehouse and distribution partners at 5 locations, …

Warehousing and Distribution

Having a well thought reliable warehousing and distribution strategy is key for …

Inventory Management

SourceSelect manages your inventory at multiple strategic locations around the globe allowing …

Product Assembling and Kitting

When your distribution operation requires assembling multiple products into product kits, SourceSelect …

Global Freight Solutions

Freight is a complex business, options to move your goods range from …

Testing and Rework

Rework and testing of returned or damaged goods is the hidden source …


SourceSelect makes it easy to streamline your material movement by coordinating with …

Bulk Fulfillment

SourceSelect offers a complete Global eCommerce Order Fulfillment Solution both B2C and …

Our Global Process

A successful supply chain strategy requires factoring in nature of your products, lifecycle of industry, business strategy and customer aptitudes to enable sustainable customer delight. SourceSelect takes a closer look at your unique business needs to craft and establish a supply chain which helps you succeed in earning higher customer retentions over our competitors. SourceSelect locates and moves your inventory and products across factory, warehouses and distribution centres using its strategic infrastructure and freight partners in a way that optimizes your unit delivery cost and eliminates the need of any capital investment at any time.


Our Global Solutions

SourceSelect provides a wide range of integrated warehousing, packaging, distribution, B2C and B2B fulfillment, inventory management and transportation solutions customized and scaled to your specific needs. Our reliable and flexible supply chain solutions help you in staying focused at managing business growth with least worries.



GruneStrasse Backpack Co.

I have been really impressed with the level of customer service SourceSelect provides to us, our shippers and our receivers. They communicate and alert us to any problem which are few. On more than one occasion they have offered information and solutions we required so we could better serve our customers. Their on time percentage is exceptional, and follow up reports helpful.

Aaron Weiss



We are very pleased with the level of support we get from the SourceSelect team – their response time and quality has been very helpful in handling exceptions, answering questions about orders and working through the logistics of an exchange and return program. Their pricing has also been very competitive.

Vivek Menon

Aeon Gold


SourceSelect’s flexibility and attention to detail has the hallmark’s in getting the logistics for our business up and running. The have provided us not only top notch service but expertise in freight management, particularly with our overseas needs.

Jeff Schorr



Source Select has continuously been a huge part of our company’s growth since 2016. We first began with mostly B2C orders. Since then we have quickly grown significantly and partnered with over 10 major retailers. While continuously learning and accommodating all our retailers, Source Select team has been able to provide exceptional warehouse, operational and logistic knowledge to keep up with our fast-growing business. They have a fantastic hard-working team who are constantly pro-active and continuously finding ways to improve processes. It is a pleasure to work with them as they go above and beyond to make sure our orders are fulfilled in a timely manner, our re-works and kitting are handled with a quick turnaround, and any discrepancies or issues are always prioritized. I highly recommend Source Select as a 3PL as they will accommodate your needs at any size your company might be.

Hatch Team

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